Jin BTS in college was good at ‘questioning’, here’s why

A post on an online community forum gained attention as the story of Jin BTS's college days was repeated by fans.

It is known that Jin debuted as a member of BTS while a student at Konkuk University.

The story about Jin’s personality at school was posted online by a user whose father is Jin’s professor at the university.

They revealed that Jin is a very polite student who asks a lot of questions about subjects or exams and always texts the professor about his schedule or why he has to drop out.

Jin also always texts to ask the professor when is the right time to call before actually calling, thereby revealing his polite manners.

Regarding the group’s projects, Jin asked if he could do an alternative project so as not to become a burden on the other team members due to his busy schedule.

The poster also feels that Jin is very sociable because he always responds well to the professor’s stories and also prepares his autographed albums with a sincere and thoughtful message inside.

Jin has to miss a class every week due to his busy schedule but he never fails to send texts explaining the reason and apologizing for his absence.

The professor revealed that he was most shocked and happy at Jin’s attitude of always trying to come to class when possible.

The professor also admitted that he still remembers Jin’s leave application: “Hello professor, I’m Jin BTS. I’m currently in Hong Kong to perform at the MAMA and won’t be able to go to class. I’m very sorry.”

The poster remembers even seeing Jin in his father’s class and seeing how proud his father was to have Jin in his class.

Although the professor doesn’t show it much, he really enjoys having Jin in his class and is happy to see that his students are idols who always work hard. The poster thanked Jin for giving his father a special memory.

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