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Netizens talk about this new trend that BLACKPINK’s Jennie started in Korea

A top celebrity is not just made; it takes many aspects in a person than just looks and talent

Of course, visuals and talent are major factors in becoming a star, but a certain vibe is required to set a celebrity as one of the biggest influences in the industry.

Recently, netizens gathered in an online community to discuss the trends that BLACKPINK’s Jennie started in Korea. Jennie debuted back in 2016 with the k-pop girl group BLACKPINK and has risen as one of the most influential celebrities in South Korea.

She has been at the center of attention since her debut and has created many fashion trends for items and brands. According to netizens, Jennie has trended the oversized quilt bag style in Korea as she was seen with a COS quilt bag.

Netizens discussed, “Jennie has this aura to becoming a top celebrity, she has this aura that even ordinary citizens would become a star no matter what if they had that same aura,” “I see this bag everywhere now,” “Her face is not my type but she has the style I want to follow,” “Her hairstyle with the bobby pins on the sides is still trending today,” “I think she’s just born with that star vibe,” and “She has a good sense of style.”

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