Comparing BTS and EXO’s ‘memorable’ visuals

The boys of BTS and EXO always make fans fall in love every time they appear, especially the visuals (representative faces)!

Referring to the hottest boy group in K-pop right now, it is impossible not to mention BTS and EXO thanks to their catchy music and top-notch choreography… Especially, with their handsome looks, the male idols have collected has a huge fan base.

The two groups are always compared with each other on many fronts from album sales, popularity or even appearance.

1. BTS
The beauty of BTS is also one of the issues that fans notice and care about. Especially 3 of the 7 boys in the group, V, Jin, and Jungkook, always make the whole fandom headache to choose the member who is the real representative face of the group.

The real face of BTS is Jin, but before that, V and Jungkook’s looks were more popular.

Jin has become a hot topic around the world many times because of his handsome appearance. He even reminds fans of his nickname “global handsome”.

Although not the representative face of the group, since his debut, V has become one of the handsome men sought by the sisters because he is so handsome. In particular, he always appears in the ranking of idols with a divine angle of K-pop.

The youngest member of BTS is remembered because of his handsome, innocent and cute appearance right from the first days of his debut. The more mature, the more masculine and attractive as a real guy.

2. EXO

Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun, and Kai are 4 out of 9 guys who always make fans ecstatic with EXO’s undeniable visuals.

Kai possesses eyes and charisma on stage, always praised by the audience for being so attractive. He is also praised as a member with a desirable body.

On the beauty charts of boy groups, Baekhyun is always the name everyone recommends. The guy’s lovely face makes female fans “fall in love”. Baekhyun is also the first male idol to be compared with a Barbie doll by the Korean press because of his handsome appearance.

Finally, Sehun and Suho always cause storms because of their cold, luxurious appearance like aristocrats. The angular face and perfect lines make fans unable to ignore her explosive beauty.

, luxurious appearance like aristocrats. The angular face and perfect lines make fans unable to ignore her explosive beauty.

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