Jungkook is the ‘forever pet’ in the eyes of this BTS member

Who is the strong, charming man Jungkook, we don't know…

Every year, BTS posts new profiles to celebrate the annual FESTA. This profile always includes facts, goals, funny comments and more.

At FESTA 2020, each member tried to write another member’s profile and Suga correctly completed RM’s profile!

In this part, Suga replaced RM to write his thoughts about the other members. Accordingly, with RM, Suga was the one to stick with from the beginning (they were the first BTS members). Jin is the oldest brother, J-Hope is his friend, Jimin is the younger brother who always behaves cutely and V is the younger brother who is always full of surprises.

To Jungkook, Suga describes the maknae as RM’s “forever pet”! It’s so cute I cried!

There is always a special relationship between Jungkook and RM. Jungkook once described RM as his first and last role model and Jungkook will always be RM’s youngest (no matter how old he is).

It’s not that ARMYs are crying with emotion, it’s just that RM is cutting onions!

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