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Rosé (BLACKPINK) deserves the title of “anti-war god” YG Entertainment

In the eyes of the audience, Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a beautiful and talented image

However, for fans, Rosé is a funny, friendly girl who even has a bit of a grudge against YG Entertainment. In fact, BLACKPINK’s beauties have also repeatedly violated the regulations of the management company.

Rosé received a lot of love from fans because of her personality. (Photo: Pinterest)

As a celebrity, she has entered the fashion field, therefore, YG Entertainment will set strict regulations on the diet of artists, including Rosé. Eating at night is considered a taboo for those who want to keep fit. However, recently, Rosé invited Lisa to “mukbang” in the evening, even livestreaming for fans to see.

Rosé defied, inviting Lisa to “mukbang” in the evening. (Photo: Pinterest)

The two female idols committed a taboo when keeping in shape, but made the fans extremely excited. (Photo: Pinterest)

If you are a die hard fan of Rosé, surely everyone will know the legendary story when she was a trainee. Accordingly, YG Entertainment’s regulations are very strict, prohibiting trainees from snacking. However, because of her passion for food, Rosé hid the candy in the pillow to bypass the managers. However, the female idol was still discovered by the cleaning staff of her “trick”.

Rosé ignored the rules to get free snacks when she was a trainee. (Photo: Pinterest)

The female idol’s share made fans extremely excited. (Photo: Pinterest)

Rosé really has a great passion for food. (Photo: Pinterest)

She even went to cooking school to satisfy her great passion. (Photo: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

With BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment also limited 4 members in contact with male artists. However, for Rosé, she is not too concerned about this ban. The female idol has a close relationship with Seunghoon (WINNER) and twin dancers Kwon Twins.

Rosé appeared in a TikTok video of Seunghoon and Lisa. (Photo: TikTok @Choublink)

YG does not allow communication with male idols, Rosé is close to the Kwon Twins. (Photo: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

The female idol is also very popular with YG Entertainment’s dancers. (Photo: Pinterest)

If YG Entertainment likes to let BLACKPINK enlist in the army for nearly two years, recently, fans are also somewhat reassured when “spoiler war god” Rosé answered frankly to the Western media about the group’s comeback. Accordingly, when attending the event that Tiffany & Co., she announced, “We are working hard to prepare for a comeback with a new album in the near future. We’re back so we’re all feeling very excited New music is coming soon and we’re busy preparing for everything. I’m also looking forward to doing a tour later this year. to meet the fans”.

Rosé ignores YG Entertainment and spoils BLACKPINK’s comeback. (Photo: Twitter @artisticrozay)

Not only that, the female idol revealed that there will always be a tour. (Photo: Twitter @artisticrozay)

In addition to beauty and talent, Rosé’s personality is the key point to help the female idol keep the audience’s affection. When she opposes YG Entertainment, the fans love it even more.

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