Not V, this is the most handsome member of BTS

The boys of BTS are not only talented but also famous for their good looks and attractive personality. So which member is the most flowery among them?

Surely many ARMYs will agree with the answer that is the youngest Jungkook. Unlike the hyungs in the same group, Jungkook has been famous since his high school days.

When he debuted with BTS, in addition to his remarkable talent, he also made female fans fall for his handsome, masculine and lovely appearance.

It is not an exaggeration to praise Jungkook as the most beautiful member of BTS. Many fans confessed that they were most impressed with Jungkook when they first saw the group perform. Especially the female fans, everyone melts whenever Jungkook smiles like an angel.

Jungkook is also the person with the most dating suspicions in BTS. Specifically, netizens (netizens) once suspected that he was dating Yein (Lovelyz), Nayeon (Twice), Kim Chung Ha (IOI), or Rosé (Blackpink)…
Previously, fans had the opportunity to “stand still” when rumors of Jung kook dating Yein (Lovelyz) appeared on online forums.

Netizens said that Jungkook and Yein used to wear a lot of couple clothes and a few moments when the two “glanced” at each other at some K-pop events.

Park Sewon also posted a photo with half of Jungkook’s face on his personal page. Then she became the focus of criticism of ARMY. Finally, this female student also confirmed that the two had broken up and she was very tired of being bothered by BTS fans.

In addition, fans also discovered evidence of dating the youngest member of BTS with a former trainee of Cube Entertainment. Her name is Ko Seohyun, who almost became a member of CLC.
The two’s dating evidence was found by netizens through Seohyun’s personal Facebook page.

Another profile picture of Seohyun is two mochas and cookies. Everyone knows Jungkook’s nickname is “kookie”. And Seohyun is called mochi cake because of her white skin.
Seohyun also has characteristics such as good cooking, black hair, and all-black dressing sense that Jung Kook once described as his ideal type. After the rumor appeared, Seohyun locked this facebook account.

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