Reaching a great record, proving that Jungkook is the ‘golden maknae’ of BTS

BTS's youngest Jungkook recently brought home a monumental record that will surely make fans "puff out their noses"!

“Golden maknae” or “golden maknae” of BTS is the nickname that leader RM gives Jungkook, because although he is the youngest in the group, the male idol is known to be good at everything.

From singing, dancing, composing, swimming, drawing, photography, video editing or even playing games… he is the embodiment of the saying “anything is good”.

Recently, Jungkook continues to prove this title once again when making history with the hit collab Left And Right . He became the first and only Korean solo artist to surpass 20 million monthly streams in Spotify’s history.

Previously, Jungkook only achieved 7 million monthly listeners with the OST ” Stay Alive ” and has now surpassed 20 million with ” Left And Right ” . This achievement is even more impressive when he achieved with only 2 songs under his name on Spotify.

More broadly, Jungkook joins BTS as the only K-pop male artist to reach this impressive milestone on Spotify.

Congratulations Jungkook BTS!

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