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BlackPink helps increase costume sales by 4,000%

Designer Kim Handa said that after BlackPink created the innovative hanbok craze, her sales increased by 4,000% compared to before.

In the program ” Things Are Suspicious These Days ” aired on July 27, designer Kim Danha appeared as a guest and shared information about the process of making the hanbok that BlackPink wore in the MV How . You Like That .

Kim Danha said the hanbok she made for BlackPink was the design that received the most attention. After the YG girl group wore them in the MV How You Like That , designer Kim received many orders from all over the world.

BlackPink in innovative hanbok.
Kim Danha shared, “After BlackPink’s MV was released, the order bell rang non-stop, most of the orders came from abroad. It was the first time I received so many orders since founding my own fashion brand.”

“Our sales have increased by about 3,000-4,000% compared to before. I think I used up all my luck in life when I designed hanboks for BlackPink”, continued the designer,

In 2020, BlackPink created a hanbok “craze” after releasing the music video ” How You Like That” . Images of girls wearing innovative hanbok quickly spread throughout social networks.

According to The Korea Times , these hanboks were modernized and reformed to create comfort for the four members when performing. However, the traditional features of the costume are still preserved.

“The stylist team stylized the costumes to avoid hindering the artist’s activities. Member Rosé’s hanbok is inspired by the costumes of the martial arts officials of the Goryeo dynasty (10-14 centuries)”, the designer said. Designer Danha said.

In addition, Kim Danha also revealed that member Jennie’s hanbok was inspired by the phoenix robe. It used to be the familiar dress of classical scholars during the Joseon Dynasty.

The representative of the Hanbok development center said that the YG girl group has been very successful in promoting hanbok to international friends.


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