J-Hope’s ‘Jack in the Box’ releases the ultimate physical version, BTS doesn’t have it yet

After much criticism of hypocrisy when not making a physical album, BigHit has taken a very high step!

ARMY’s wish is finally coming true when J-Hope’s solo album Jack in the Box  will be released in physical!

Last month, J-Hope had a solo comeback with his first album Jack in the Box , after the mixtape Hope World .

However, BigHit took a “creative” approach to the physical version of Jack in the Box . Accordingly, the basic physical package only includes a QR code and card image.

This is considered as a test of BigHit’s ESG campaign (to reduce the waste load because a lot of people buy CDs and then throw them away after taking a photo of the card). However, it made ARMY extremely disappointed. BigHit has also been criticized as hypocritical for still releasing popular CDs with multiple versions for other groups. J-Hope, therefore, is like a sheep for BigHit to polish his name.

Criticism is finally heard! Jack in the Box is finally getting a physical and even premium version! Accordingly, the album will be released as a limited vinyl instead of a CD! The vinyl version has always been more expensive than many CDs, and because before that, there was a copy with a photo card, Jack in the Box basically didn’t fall into the situation of buying a disc just to get a card.

Interestingly, BTS themselves have never been released on vinyl. There is no official reason given for this but according to many people, it is because of the high cost of making vinyl and it is unlikely that many people will buy it while BigHit wants to increase sales for BTS.

The vinyl version of Jack in the Box this time also does not have a card image. However, it will come with posters and a songbook. What a big step forward in chapter 2 of BTS!

Jack in the Box vinyl can be pre-ordered now, 8/8!

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