BTS’s Jin Shows Concern For Suga’s Health After His Latest Instagram Post, But In The Most “Jin-Like” Way Ever

BTS’s Jin took “Suga Daddy” to a whole new level!

The members of BTS have been together for over ten years, training, living, and performing together. It has meant that not only do they know each other so well, but they are like a family when it comes to how much they care for the other members.

Recently, BTS’s Jin and Suga gained attention for their adorable and hilarious interaction on Instagram.

Over the years, ARMYs haven’t had enough of Suga and Jin’s interactions. Although the two members couldn’t be more different, they have the most wholesome friendship as two of the oldest members of the BTS.

Recently, Suga shared on Instagram that he was taking some time out and enjoying some free time. In particular, he shared some images showing that he was going around and visiting some of his old schools.

In the photos, he visited Daegu Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Kangbuk High School. He seemed cool, calm, and enjoying the hot weather in his outfit.

BTS’s Suga outside his elementary school | @agustd/Instagram
BTS’s Suga outside his middle school | @agustd/Instagram
BTS’s Suga outside his high school | @agustd/Instagram

Of course, as it was on Instagram, one of the members was inevitably going to send the internet into meltdown by interacting with Suga… and it was none other than Jin.

It seems like the first thing Jin noticed was that Suga seemed a bit skinny, especially as he was wearing shorts. Yet, being Jin, his concern led to a very funny comment as he wanted to help his dongsaeng.

Why are you so skinny? I’ve transferred you some pocket money [into your bank.] Buy yourself a meal.

— Jin

With such a generous offer, anyone would be happy to receive some money from Jin… except Suga!

Well, it wasn’t that he wasn’t happy, but the BTS rapper then commented that he had checked his bank account but he hadn’t actually received any money.

Jin then replied with a simple, “I’m sorry.” Whether or not the money went through or not, it was definitely the thought that counted and how Jin shared his love and concern for Suga.

Of course, the interaction was the talk of social media. While many loved that Jin was always there to take care of Suga, others joked that he was a literal “Suga Daddy,” which is a play on words for an older man who gives someone they care about money.

Many also joked that after Jin hinted at a “new job,” all of his extra income was going to go to the members, and Suga was no exception.

Jin recently posted joking about joining a new company | @jin/Instagram

With all the stresses of their busy schedules, it isn’t surprising that the BTS members might have lost weight. Yet, the fact that they’re always there to support each other and share their concern in a way that isn’t too intense shows the group’s bond.

You can read more about BTS Jin and Suga’s iconic friendship below.

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