BTS’s J-Hope’s Bodyguards Have An Extra Threat They Need To Protect Him From: Walls

“He’s just a silly little guy 🥺🥺”

While some Korean entertainment companies get criticized for not giving their idols enough protection, that thankfully doesn’t seem to be an issue for BTS.

BTS’s Jimin with bodyguards

For artists as popular as they are, they definitely need to have enough security to make sure they’re safe against rampaging fans and other threats, so it’s comforting to know that they’re secure.

BTS’s Suga with bodyguards

While stalkers and anti-fans are likely the biggest threat for K-Pop idols, however, it seems that BTS’s J-Hope‘s bodyguards have something else to protect him from!

A recent video making the rounds on Twitter shows the BTS member happily greeting fans with his security team around him. When he goes to leave, however, he nearly runs into a rotating door, but thankfully one of his bodyguards swoops in to prevent it from happening!

Based on responses to the post, this isn’t the first time it has happened either!

It seems that J-Hope gets relatedly distracted by his surroundings when there’s a lot going on, and his security team is prepared to prevent him from hurting himself against his surroundings.

The comments on the original post on Twitter are quite varied, but many are also very hilarious!

We’re glad to see that BTS’s bodyguards take the members’ health seriously!

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