August Brand Model Chart: BTS climbs to No.1 super positive

Recently, the Korean Reputation Institute has announced the Brand Model Brand Ranking of August 2022.

This ranking is determined through consumer behavior analysis, using big digital data collected from July 15 to August 15, 2022 with many criteria such as participation, connection, communication. and the social network value of the famous brand model to calculate the total brand per star in August.

BTS rose to the top of the list this month with 2,498,060 points, a slight donation of 7.61% compared to the last time.

The terms that rank high in the keyword analysis about the group are “Samsung Galaxy”, “Lotte Xylitol” and “Coway” while the related words that rank high are “promote”, “focus” and “model”. . Positive-negative analysis shows that 90.81% of reactions about BTS are positive.

IU ranked second in August with 1,913,772 points while Lim Young Woong came in third with 1,346,122 points.

Yoo Jae Suk climbed to fourth with a jump of 62.05% from last time, reaching 1,292,463 points. Closing the top 5 is soccer star Son Heung Min with 1,242,244 points.

The positions from No.6 to No.10 are: Gong Yoo, Son Suk Ku, Blackpink, Kim Yuna and Kim Jong Kook, respectively.

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