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Used to promote superficially, YG’s investment in BLACKPINK is really good this time

Since their debut, BLACKPINK has been labeled as YG's "pet chicken". However, the company has repeatedly promoted the comeback for the girl group superficially.

It was not until the MV PINK VENOM that YG made fans angry when investing heavily in BLACKPINK.

Fans are satisfied that BLACKPINK’s comeback with PINK VENOM is well promoted by YG. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, the image of YG installing a super “terrible” billboard in Seoul to promote the songs PINK VENOM and BLACKPINK was posted. Fans stirred and praised YG for finally making a monumental investment in the key girl group.

Super “terrible” billboard for PINK VENOM is being installed by YG. (Photo: Naver)

Fans are happy that BLACKPINK is finally taken care of. (Photo: YG Entertainment)

Besides, the audience is also satisfied when looking at the poster series of BLACKPINK. It can be seen that the girls are meticulously cared for from costumes, hairstyles, and makeup. In particular, the fact that YG allowed the group to organize a world tour and attend the MTV VMAs 2022 was also a surprise. After 2 long years of absence, BLACKPINK finally had the opportunity to roam the K-pop music scene, affirming its inherent position.

PINK VENOM promises to make a big hit. (Photo: YG Entertainment)

In the past, YG has made fans angry many times. The release time of the song ” Kill This Love ” created a great buzz. However, YG chose to promote “drip” for 2 days in Korea. The four girls performed on only 2 stages including Music Core and SBS Inkigayo . The group also did not appear on any variety shows or radio. YG’s focus on “advancing America” ​​and ignoring the kimchi market has greatly affected the group’s reputation in their homeland.


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