BTS member’s Instagram post has the most likes, poor

These are mostly posts from when BTS members first set up personal Instagram accounts, except for Jungkook.

On December 6, 2021, BTS made ARMYs around the world want to burst when announcing the establishment of their personal Instagram. They all now have over 35 million followers with some of them being among the most followed K-pop idols on the platform.

So which of their posts attract the most attention? Let’s see:

1. RM


In fact, RM is the only BTS member who hides the number of likes and comments on his posts. However, this is probably his favorite song.

2. Jin

I love you so much for my youngest brother! The post on Jin’s account opening date has now surpassed 17 million likes.

3. Suga

Similarly, Suga’s post that same day reached nearly 16 million likes.

4. J-Hope

No different from the case of J-Hope. This post currently has over 15 million likes.

5. Jimin

Posted on December 5, 2021, this post by Jimin currently has nearly 18.5 million likes.


On the same day of December 6, V’s post reached more than 20 million likes. Notably, this is Yeontan’s photo post! V is indeed a “lotus”!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook with immortal Instagram deletions, his most liked post was on June 23 with 11.52 million likes.

Have you liked all of these posts yet?

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