BTS’s V And A Runway Model Wore The Same Outfit But Served Totally Different Vibes

PRADA would be proud.

If BTS‘s V hadn’t chosen the K-Pop idol life, he might have become Korea’s next top model.

BTS’s V | Weverse Magazine via @stillwithjk/Twitter

From his K-Drama visuals looks to his statuesque proportions, V has what it takes to make any runway his highway.

V modeling for “Esquire” | Esquire

After all, professional modeling is about more than just good looks. It’s about knowing how to move, how to carry yourself, and how to exude a particular feeling that best reflects the clothes you’re wearing.

V modeling for Weverse Magazine

Think of models as fresh canvases, primed to be painted with beautiful clothing and make-up.

V modeling his “Inner Child” look. | HYBE

The best models are usually chameleons who can become whatever “character” a brand or photographer needs. Being both an idol and an actor, V knows exactly how to slip into character and work the camera, whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or at award shows.

V playing a gangster for BTS’s ARMY.ZIP project.

For their 2019 Fall/Winter collection, PRADA brought a striking red and black palette to the runway. This model wore a bright, red cardigan over head-to-toe black, mixing textures and patterns. He also carried a leather handbag that matches his shoes.

Runway model for PRADA. | Vogue

The model served a sultry, vampiric flair at PRADA’s show. V, on the other hand, exuded “Good Boy” vibes when he wore the same outfit to the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA).

Unlike PRADA’s model, V wore a statement earring to match a crisp, white button-up shirt.

He also switched out the loafers for a pair of black boots that have us screaming, “step on me.” (Or thinking it, at least!)

Both the model and V did PRADA justice, but which look do you prefer? Check out more of V’s outfits here.


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