Check out a series of expensive details in BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” MV

At exactly 11 pm on August 19, BLACKPINK officially released the MV Pink Venom in the expectation of many fans.

This is the product that marks the comeback after 2 long years of the YG girl group’s absence on the K-pop race. Right after the MV was “released”, Pink Venom made a strong impression with many expensive details.

BLACKPINK officially “released” MV Pink Venom. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Like fans speculated, Jisoo was the one in charge of the plucking scene. The sparkling, powerful image of the eldest sister BLACKPINK made the audience admire endlessly. Appearing at the very beginning of the MV, Jisoo immediately scored an absolute score thanks to her attractive visual.


Jisoo appeared ghostly in the scene of playing the piano. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

The image of “Red Jennie” did not disappoint fans. Jennie stands out when wearing a lace outfit and wearing a red veil. The highlight hair part that caused a fever in the teaser is also revealed. In particular, this is the traditional Korean hairstyle.

Jennie in a bright red image with Korean traditional hairstyle. (Photo: Dreamnaria)

In the rap segment, Jennie wears a Manchester United shirt. This is a design released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Adidas Teamgeist. Jennie wears it because BLACKPINK has been partnering with Adidas since January 2020. This makes football fans especially interested.

Jennie caused a fever with the Manchester United shirt. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

In addition, fans can also “see” the scene that has a connection with the previous MVs. If Jisoo in Kill This Love appeared with the sun symbol, in Pink Venom , the female idol sat under the moonlight.

Moon and sun symbols in Jisoo’s scenes in 2 MVs. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

The scene where Lisa eats a poisonous apple is said to be a re-enactment of the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . Next, fans discovered that YG continued to attach Rosé with black paint. Following the scene of biting a poisonous apple, she picked up a black heart. This detail also makes fans think of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . Before that, the female idol dyed the MV in ” Lovesick Girls ” and the solo debut ” Gone ” in black . In addition, Rosé left a deep impression with a very unique “crystal tear” make-up.

Lisa eats a poison apple that is said to recreate the details of Princess Snow White. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Rosé holds a heart in a puddle of black paint. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Rosé is associated with the image with black paint through 3 MVs. (Photo: Facebook YAN Kpop)

Rosé’s eye makeup received many compliments. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

The audience also discovered that the rap line performed by Lisa was refreshed from Rihanna’s song ” Pon de Replay “. Accordingly, “It goes one by one even two by two” was changed to “One by one the two by two”.

Lisa’s rap is refreshed from the song “Pon de Replay Rihanna”. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

YG said that BLACKPINK’s comeback was invested with the largest budget ever. On August 17, the company installed a “big” billboard in Seoul to promote Pink Venom . YG’s monumental spending power helps BLACKPINK “grow more wings”.

The girl group occupies strong waves around the globe. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

BLACKPINK’s “every single move” was enthusiastically watched by the audience. (Photo: YG Entertainment)

YG put up a “giant” billboard for BLACKPINK in Seoul. (Photo: Facebook K Crush)

Fans were surprised by YG’s willingness to spend for BLACKPINK. (Photo: Allkpop)

After 2 years of absence, BLACKPINK’s comeback quickly spread around the world. Currently, the achievement marking the return of BLACKPINK is still volatile. The audience also appreciates the content investment in the company’s image for Pink Venom .

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