Hawk-Eyed ARMY Spot A Spoiler For BTS RM’s New Music In His Photo-Folio

As expected of the spoiler king!

Shortly after the BTS Jungkook‘s “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook” Special 8 Photo-Folio went on sale (and sold out multiple times), the next member releasing their own Photo-Folio has just been announced!

RM is next with the announcement of “Me, Myself, and RM.”

The concept photos, named “Entirety,” showcase artsy and neutral settings. Known for his love of pretty art, it only makes sense that RM’s concept would show this side of him.

However, it didn’t take long for fans to spot a potential spoiler hidden in one of the photos.

In the black and white photograph, there are three books on the chair. The bottom book has the name of his 2018 mixtape “Mono” while the middle book says “rkive,” the name of his studio. The one term fans didn’t recognize was “Neutral” which sits on top.

ARMY are wondering if this is a reference to his upcoming solo album, currently dubbed RM3. Fans also brought back an Instagram story where RM posted that he was working on music with a caption that may indicate a clue.

Let’s please stop fighting..

— RM

This potential theme for his album has reminded fans of some of the topics about neutrality J-Hope discussed in his own album Jack In The Box, such as the subjectiveness of human nature in “STOP (There Are No Bad People In The World)” and how people of different ages, countries, and languages can put aside their differences in “= (Equal Sign).”

Additionally, fans are bringing back RM’s tweet from 2021 that includes a behind-the-scenes picture from the new concept photos, showing that the idea has been in production for at least a year.

It’s possible that ARMY may have connected the dots between all of these ideas, but we won’t know until the day everything is released! For now, check out RM’s concept photos below.

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