BTS Suga’s Shoutout To RM In His Solo Vlog Shows Their Dynamic Perfectly

These two are never beating the ‘married’ allegations.

Recently, Suga from BTS released his solo vlog where he was seen learning woodcarving. The rapper went to a workshop and decided to try his hand at making chopping boards. During the lesson, he inevitably brought up his co-members and even gave a cute shoutout to RM.

RM and Suga have an adorable dynamic in the group. At any given moment, Suga is always ready to tell the world that they have lived together the longest in the group. Even though, as trainees, they got into fights a lot due to their different personalities, living and working together for a decade has created a special place in both of their hearts for each other.

RM is a known art connoisseur who has a special interest in wooden furniture. In his individual vlog, RM went to a furniture exhibit at the Art Basel fair. He also visited the workshop of famous Japanese artist Georgio Nakashima in Pennsylvania back in 2019. So, it is no surprise that during his woodwork lessons, Suga’s mind thought of RM particularly.

He told his instructor that both he and RM share a similar interest in furniture, but it differs in one aspect. While RM likes furniture with some artistic elements, Suga is fascinated by any furniture in general.

Then, in the subtitles, which are also written by the members themselves for their individual vlogs, Suga gave RM a cute shoutout- “Namjoonie, what’s up?”

This reminded some fans of another extremely domestic moment between the two rappers when Suga was trying to stop RM from trying woodcarving during an In The Soop episode. Suga’s “woodcarving hajima!” (“Don’t do woodcarving!”) became a phenomenon of its own in the fandom after that.

Petition to start a Suga X RM podcast on furniture, please!

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