V BTS and K-pop idols were bullied as students

Anyone can fall victim to school bullying, even famous K-pop stars like BTS are no exception.

Here are K-pop idols who were bullied as students.

1. Yuqi of (G)I-DLE

In an interview with W Korea, Yuqi confessed that she was bullied as a student. She revealed that her peers often mock her low voice, thinking that she looks like a man. Because of this, she developed insecurity about her voice.

Even after passing the CUBE Entertainment audition, she still felt hesitant about her voice. However, as Yuqi continued to practice, she became more confident in her voice. Now, Yuqi believes her voice is her greatest weapon!

2. V of BTS

During a live stream, V said he was bullied by a friend. On his friend’s birthday, he gave V the wrong place. V had to wait 3 hours with the gift in hand because it arrived at the wrong address. When he found his friends, V gave his friend a present and left.

V revealed that he cried a lot while walking home. After that, the bully also apologized to V 2 years after the above incident.

3. Vernon (Seventeen)

Vernon is half American and half Korean. He became the target of bullying as a child. During his time living in America, he revealed that people would call him “half-season”.

In Korea, people always stare at him due to his western features. Idols realize they look more like Americans thanks to their lighter skin, hair, and eyes. He revealed that he is often treated like an outsider due to his characteristics.

4. Jeon Somi

In July 2020, Jeon Somi appeared on Radio Star . In it, she revealed that her friends bullied her after transferring to a new school.

On the first day of 3rd grade, she was chosen as class president after her friends promised to vote for her. However, after winning, her friends become jealous of her. They started bullying her, which lasted until the first semester of 6th grade.

The female idol revealed that they would mock her as a “half-season”. They will call her “half-blood” because she is half Korean and half Dutch-Canadian.

5. Eric Nam

Eric Nam revealed that he was bullied while growing up in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). His peers mocked him for being Asian, asking stereotypical questions like “where are you really from?” and “What’s in your lunch box?”. People also mocked him for his looks.

In middle school, a boy even spat in male Eric’s face. He recalls that moment as one of the darkest times of his life.

6. SHINee’s Taemin

When SHINee debuted, Taemin was just a middle school student. Sadly, his popularity as an idol made him the target of bullying from his classmates.

His classmates were following the idol. They won’t let him pass through the corridors and will bombard him with cameras. Whenever he tries to pass, people will accuse him of having “celebrity disease” and say nasty comments about him. Some students even threw erasers at Taemin.

The bullying will eventually stop when his other SHINee members start escorting Taemin to school.

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