Love the new series of V BTS photos playing with kids and pets

Did you dream about the house and the children?

ARMYs all know that Kim Taehyung is a family man and loves children very much. He once revealed in an interview that he hopes to have three to five children and dreams of being like his father – a husband who loves to hear his wife scold!

In the newly released BTS Memories of 2021 DVD , ARMY enjoys a never-before-seen series of reunions from last year’s BTS events. The new series of photos reinforce V’s likable personality. It’s true that children come to the house, babies also seem to love playing with Uncle Taehyung!

On the set of Permission to Dance , Uncle V brought gifts for the child actor filming with the group. When he realized there were two, not one, he quickly apologized and promised to buy more gifts later.

After that, V visited the children when he saw that they were having a hard time with the scene and kept cheering. He did his best to make the child actors comfortable.

In another set, V is seen cutely chatting with a little girl. He taught her a jump to make her more comfortable. ARMYs love V’s eyes that shine every time they see children.

Not only children, animals also feel the warmth from V. The dogs that first met him on the set also immediately fell in love with him.

Not surprisingly, V is famous for pampering little Yeontan – the pet he has raised for nearly five years.

And loves children very much.

When he has a baby, V will definitely be a great dad! Surely many ARMYs want to be the mothers of those lucky children!

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