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Rosé (BLACKPINK) achieved great results on TikTok, the whole Kpop must “look up”

Rosé is collecting a series of great achievements on this social media platform.

Rosé’s TikTok account @roses_are_rosie was established on March 16 and quickly reached 1 million followers even though Rosé has not posted any videos.

After that, she started to reach 10 million followers on April 4, only about 20 days after setting up an account. To celebrate Rosé even uploaded a WAP dance video on her TikTok account. Although the video is only 7 seconds long, Rosé danced very hard during WAP’s signature sexy floor dance.

And today (June 23), the TikTok channel of “Australian rose” again reached 15 million followers despite having not interacted for a long time. The last video has also been uploaded since May 6, currently her account has 44 videos, each of which has attracted tens of millions of views and has a total of more than 163 million likes

Rosé’s TikTok account is currently the most followed personal account in Kpop, only losing to the group’s 2 accounts, BTS and BLACKPINK.

BTS’ TikTok account with over 36.5 million followers and 43 videos

BLACKPINK’s TikTok account with over 23.2 million followers and 80 videos

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