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When Jennie exudes the aura of a tycoon: Going to an event to “face a person”, going to the airport like a tycoon, her family background

Jennie (BLACKPINK) can be so luxurious because in fact, she also has a huge family background.

Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) has always been known as a cult female idol, a leading beauty and style icon. With top notch beauty and immense luxury, Jennie is said to be born with the temperament of a rich tycoon. Wherever she goes, she can attract attention because of her regal aura.

In fact, Jennie is a well-to-do lady, rich in her infancy. Rapper “Hac Huong” was born in the Gangnam district, which is the home of the super-rich in Korea. Since she was only 9 years old, she studied abroad at a luxurious international school only for rich children – ACG Parnell College in New Zealand, with tuition fees up to 376 million VND/year. It is rumored that Jennie’s mother is the director and largest shareholder of the CJ E&M media empire. With a great family background since birth, Jennie has a tycoon temperament that is rare for any idol to have

Every time I go to the event, my aura is overwhelming, it’s no joke

Every time she attends an event, Jennie always attracts the press and the public with her luxurious fashion sense and attractive charisma

Jennie’s chic aura makes the public stunned

In particular, when dressed in black, the tycoon lady Jennie is even more powerful, sharp and attractive

The airport is the catwalk for Jennie to “unleash” the tycoon’s aura

Possessing a tycoon temperament, being a popular “living Chanel”, it is no wonder that the airport also turned into a catwalk for Jennie to shine.

Even though it’s a quick photo, Jennie is gorgeous too

Jennie is always surrounded by bodyguards, that’s why many fans joke that the female idol looks like the real president, calling her “Kim General”. Indeed, looking at this picture, no one would think this is an idol, but would think Jennie is a lady or a tycoon president

Classy fashion sense makes Jennie even more luxurious

Just a simple shirt and jeans, but Jennie is enough to “hack” every camera lens

Mastering a sport only for the nobility

This is one of Jennie’s most famous photos when people talk about her tycoon aura. The photo was taken when Jennie participated in a horseback riding activity in the show BLACKPINK HOUSE . Horseback riding is a noble and classy sport and Jennie is extremely proficient, proving that her family background is definitely “not a medium”

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