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Leaked image of BLACKPINK filming at Everland: Jisoo causes fever with a different selfie style

The image of BLACKPINK recorded at Everland is making Blinks look forward to with blonde Lisa and cute Jisoo.

Recently on social networks, there are many pictures of BLACKPINK’s two pieces, Lisa and Jisoo, when recording at Everland. It is not clear if this recording has anything to do with the group’s activities or Lisa’s rumored solo, but it has also attracted the attention of netizens.

In particular, Lisa attracted attention with a new image of blonde hair, and Jisoo caught the attention with a funny selfie with the rear camera, giving netizens the opportunity to “laugh” and tease the 4 BLACKPINK girls who are all “females”. technology king”.

Previously, Jennie was also exposed to low-tech by fans. There was a time when Jennie wanted to use her account to interact with fans, and the singer used it with a joint account of BLACKPINK. When asked by fans, is it Jennie? She was extremely surprised because she thought the application did not display the user’s name.

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