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A song by Lisa (BLACKPINK) is destined to be the best girl in her life, and netizens admire: Who will play again when playing in the Vogue system?

It is true that Lisa's charm is always "so hot", making people fall in love!

In just 2 months, June and July 2021, Lisa (BLACPINK) has “pocketed” 4 covers of the famous Vogue magazine. Besides being happy when Lisa is increasingly showing the heat in the fashion industry, her fans are also very excited when they see an interesting thing that, a song that Lisa once performed was really real. “lucky” into her life.

Specifically, in 2017, BLACKPINK had a special stage at SBS Gayodaejun and covered the song ” So Hot” by Wonder Girls seniors. In the lyrics rewritten, Lisa has confidence shown paragraph: “Look at my face and chúng know – They’ve seen it all before – Oh, made it to Vogue” (roughly translated: “Just look at my face and who Also – They’ve seen me before – In Vogue”


Special stage So Hot at SBS Gayodaejun – BLACKPINK

By the time of 2021, ie 4 years after the performance of the excellent rap, Lisa has proved that she is completely suitable for the lyrics of ” So Hot”.

Specifically, in June of this year, Lisa was the cover face of Vogue Japan (promoting Celine) and Vogue Korea (with BLACKPINK , promoting Mise En Scene). Lisa’s July is equally “flaming” with the covers of Vogue Hong Kong and Vogue Thailand (promoting the Italian high-end jewelry brand – Bvlgari).

Lisa was chosen as the face of the cover photo of Vogue Japan

She continues to conquer Vogue Korea

Glamorous Lisa on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong July 2021

Even Vogue Thailand is no exception

Not stopping there, as mentioned by Vogue Thailand, this is a project combining 3 Vogue magazines together. In addition to Vogue Hong Kong and Vogue Thailand announced, Vogue Taiwan is also mentioned.

Lisa appeared on the cover of Vogue in 3 countries

Netizens left the following comments:

– It’s awesome, my girl, who can stand it like this.

– When I heard Lisa rap this part, I always got confused.

– Don’t, you keep “so hot” like this, I can’t stand it.

– BLACKPINK is all the best.

– Oh my gosh. It’s so hot, why is it so beautiful, baby.

– That’s why she went up to Vogue like So hot.

Like that, Lisa’s heat in the fashion field is no joke. With her popularity when appearing on Vogue covers consecutively, netizens have poured a lot of attention into her. And of course, this will be an important factor contributing to the success of Lisa’s solo debut scheduled for this July.

Lisa’s heat on all 4 Vogue covers will greatly affect her solo debut debut

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