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Lisa (BLACKPINK) Shows off her bust 1

Not only personality, Lisa (BLACKPINK) can also transform into an extremely feminine and sexy image, even sexy "nosebleed" thanks to her charming bust.

Right from the moment of her debut, Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) has made a special impression thanks to her strong, personality and “cool” appearance. That is also the style that the youngest BLACKPINK has pursued over the years. But recently, Lisa has become more and more feminine and sexy, gradually showing off her sexy “nose spray”.

It all started last summer, when Lisa first pressed a sexy bust in the How You Like That poster . At that time, Lisa was only shy of her full bust in a bralette shirt, which was still relatively discreet, but the female idol “slowly opened” through magazine photos. And the most  is the almost semi-nude image, wearing a bow-shaped shirt that hides her full chest in the latest issue of Vogue Hong Kong. This image has caused a global storm, making people feel like “dead” because the youngest BLACKPINK is too sexy. People and families all have to say that the youngest BLACKPINK has now changed and matured.

People were shocked when they saw this image of Lisa, the bow-shaped shirt created the effect as if the female idol was… selling nude, so beautiful that it made people scream.

Charming charisma and dreamy eyes make people “fall down” in front of the youngest BLACKPINK

The deep slit dress was sewn to make it more discreet, but Lisa still managed to show off her chest

Lisa wears a “blank top and bottom” design, which is fierce, so she has to wear a blazer to be discreet, but still no less sexy.

The original design is so sexy that people have to blush. Lisa is so bold now!

Before that, rapper BLACKPINK was also stunned by showing off his full chest as if he wanted to unbutton his shirt in the magazine’s introduction clip. Netizens couldn’t help but whisper and hold their breath because the button seemed to pop open to Lisa’s place

Lisa started her transformation last summer, in the poster of How You Like That. From a girl with a great personality, Lisa pressed a hot bust that made people unable to take their eyes off

Since then, she has become more and more bold in a series of magazine photos

Lisa’s bold bra and strong and sharp look make even the most difficult person admire and praise

The level of exposure, showing off a sexy bust keeps increasing…

… increase gradually over time. Lisa really has made a sexy makeover!

The youngest member of BLACKPINK is hot and sexy on stage…

… but also at times extremely gentle and feminine with a small bust

Everyone has to “fall down” before Lisa’s sexy looks


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