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After the controversy of distorting history, Jisoo’s Snowdrop (BLACKPINK) has closed the broadcast date?

Currently, all over the social network, there is a stir about the expected release date of "Snowdrop" of Jisoo and the male god Jung Hae In.

After a while things stand because the messy distorting history and allegations and suggestions to stop production, banned broadcast, finally Snowdrop (Galanthus) , TV series debut Jisoo expected broadcast date. Although jTBC has not confirmed it yet, there is now a rumor that Snowdrop will premiere on September 10 across social networks . According to information from a staff member, the drama is expected to have 20 episodes and has now filmed 15 episodes. In addition, it was previously reported that Snowdrop ‘s teaser will be revealed this July

With the direction of the director – writer duo from the blockbuster Sky Castle rating , ” Snowdrop” tells the romance between Jisoo’s character Young Cho and male university student – Soo Ho do Jung. Hae In plays the role. Young Cho and Soo Ho fall in love but then she discovers that Soo Ho is a North Korean spy, he has a mission to fight the government and disguised as student protesters. In addition, ” Snowdrop” also revolves around the love triangle between Young Cho, Soo Ho and a young officer of the National Intelligence Service Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo).

The main cast includes bright names such as: Kim Hye Yoon, Yoon Se Ah, Yoo In Na, Park Sung Woong, Jang Seung Jo…

Netizens’ comments:

– I’m so happy, beautiful sister!

– I was afraid of the movie showing at the same time, having to compete with Penthouse 3 m , but now I’m waiting again, I’ve been waiting for the movie for a long time.

– I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, but I can’t trust too much because I have to wait for the broadcaster to confirm.

-I’m looking forward to the chemistry between Jung Hae In and Jisoo, whoever Hae In plays with, the chemistry is on fire!

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