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BLACKPINK reached 39 million followers on Instagram, but only ranked 2nd and behind this group!

Despite having 39 million followers on Instagram, BLACKPINK is only ranked 2nd.

The 4 girls of BLACKPINK topped the list of Kpop idols with the most followers on Instagram. With the order of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and finally Rosé.

1. Lisa: 54.9 million followers

2. Jennie: 47.4 million followers

3. Jisoo: 42.6 million followers

4. Rosé: 42.5 million followers

At the beginning of July 5, the group Instagram account of 4 BLACKPINK girls officially reached the milestone of 39 million followers, which is the girl group account with the largest number of followers in Kpop. The @blackpinkofficial account has 1,149 posts, and following 4 people are the 4 girls of the group. The special thing is that this group account also has a lower number of followers than the members’ individual accounts.

Joint account of the group BLACKPINK

Despite having up to 39 million followers, BLACKPINK is still second in Kpop, after BTS’s Instagram account with 44.9 million followers (losing nearly 6 million followers). But unlike BLACKPINK, 4 girls all have personal Instagram accounts and 7 male idols BTS do not have personal accounts.

But perhaps that’s why the group’s joint account has a higher number of followers, because all images will be posted on this account, but that’s why it rarely updates personal images. and more everyday life.


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