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Hank – A family dog, with 2 million followers, loved by BLACKPINK members

Hank's Instagram account has reached 2 million followers, is the hottest pet in Kpop and only follows "mother" Rosé (BLACKPINK).

Hank was abandoned by his former owner and cared for at the Gangneung Animal Rescue Station. And having been adopted by Rosé at the end of 2020, everyone knows that Rosé can find pets in many other places, however, she decided to pick up Hank – the poor dog who lives at the rescue station – home to take care of.

Currently, Hank’s Instagram account has reached 2 million followers. Before that, Rosé also caused a fever when “closing” her Instagram name very quickly and the name of her pet dog more than 20 times .

Hank is the pet with the biggest followers in Kpop

Hank is so cute

Along with that, Hank’s cute appearance quickly made BLACKPINK members and netizens “swoon”. Rosé’s actions received a lot of praise, creating a positive impact, encouraging people to adopt abandoned animals.

Lisa loves Hank

And so is Jisoo

This dog not only owns more followers than many people, but also has expensive accessories up to hundreds of millions of dong.

Full set of Saint Laurent with “palanquin” for Prince Hank, necklace, chain, bowl… with a total value of up to 5000 usd

Louis Vuitton’s Hank necklace costs nearly 400 usd

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