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Rosé partyed with ex-girlfriend Justin Bieber, netizens were surprised by the star cast close to BLACKPINK in Hollywood

Despite wearing a tight mask, the beauty and charisma of Rosé (BLACKPINK) is no less than her cult friend.

Currently, Jennie and Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) are traveling in the US to work on a new music project, making fans extremely excited. The 2 BLACKPINK members have continuously met famous artists, hot girls, US-UK stars such as Jaden Smith , actress Hannah Montana Moises Arias and beautiful DJ sisters Simi & Haze.

Until today (July 6), people were once more feverish when Rosé appeared on Sofia Richie ‘s Instagram . As it turned out, the “Australian rose” attended the Independence Day party in the US (July 4) with Sofia and a group of friends. Sofia was born in 1998, has a terrible family. She is the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie, sister of actress Nicole Richie. Witnessing “Hac Huong” appearing with popular characters, fans couldn’t help but wonder how the members had so many close relationships in the world showbiz.

Thanks to her radiant beauty and outstanding blonde hair, Rosé, despite wearing a tight mask, is still no less than the famous US-UK star.

Never revealed “hint” before, but it turns out that Rosé is extremely close to Sofia Richie

Previously, Rosé and Jennie appeared with sisters DJ Simi & Haze, Jaden Smith and Moris Arias

Now, the name BLACKPINK has gone beyond Korean territory, towards the international market, so the girls are also familiar with countless cult stars.

Besides being a model and designer, Sofia’s name is best known for her love affair with “Pop Prince” Justin Bieber . Sofia was once criticized by netizens as a less-than-beautiful face, but she has a toned body that attracts the eyes, the round 2 ants create an extremely “mlem” hourglass shape. Ex-lover Justin Bieber was also seen holding hands with Brooklyn Beckham.

Sofia Richie once dated Justin Bieber in 2016 and was “stoned” by netizens for being unbeautiful

In return, she has a very “mlem mlem” body

After breaking up with Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie dated Brooklyn Beckham for a short time

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