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Jennie and Rosé “raid” the studio of a producer who collaborated with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, plotting a huge collab?

Jennie and Rosé make fans "stand still" again!

On July 7, Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK) posted the latest photos on their personal Instagram page. In particular, Jennie posted with a hidden caption: “… in the studio” (roughly translated: “… in the studio” ), making fans very excited. The pictures were posted by the two girls while they were at the studio in Los Angeles, USA.

Latest pictures of Jennie and Rosé…

.. giving people the opportunity to “stand still”

Fans quickly realized that the place where the two BLACKPINK pieces are located is the studio of singer and producer Ryan Tedder. One thing worth noting, Ryan Tedder is someone who has collaborated with a “terrible” US-UK star such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Westlife, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, One Direction, etc.


Fans quickly recognized the studio that the two girls posted…

…is the studio of Ryan Tedder…

… once collaborated with Taylor Swift…

… Ariana Grande…

…and the legendary One Direction

At the end of June, Jennie and Rosé suddenly appeared in Los Angeles. According to Ilgan Sports (Korea), it is possible that the two went to the US to work on a collaboration project with the US-UK artist, but nothing has been confirmed. Before this information, on July 2, YG’s representative said, “Rosé and Jennie came to America to make music”.

The image of Jennie and Rosé present in the US made fans “faint up and down”

And what caught many people’s attention was that yesterday (July 6), the singer who had collaborated with BLACKPINK – Dua Lipa also updated her Instagram with a photo taken with Jennie. But fans also question whether Dua Lipa is the one who will “join forces” to create hits with Jennie and Rosé or is it some famous US-UK star?

Dua Lipa just updated her Instagram with Jennie

Fans have left many positive comments expressing their anticipation for the collaboration between SOLO and On The Ground vocals :

– The best talent in the group will be favored, forever love 2 pets.

– Baby Rose is so pretty.

– So there’s sub unit, main rap and main vocal.

– It’s important that Jennie wears her roof.

– Xuan Quynh’s wave in the morning will take me to Los Angeles with 2 sisters immediately.

– Rose’s long legs are so pretty.

– Yesterday Dua Lipa also posted a photo with our Jennie. Have a combination or not say a word, Jennie!

– Why do I feel like August 8 – 5th anniversary, Blinks will receive a lot of gifts.

-This producer used to work with Taylor Swift, is that good?

– The style that Jennie really loves.

– Finally, both of them can understand the fans’ hearts, seeing Miss Rosé posting a picture, my heart beats bombaya bombaya.

– Rose is amazingly beautiful.

– Is there a time when YG plays big, sub-unit but also collaborates with European and American stars? Help me get up, I can’t stand anymore.

The online community expressed their expectation for the “huge” sub-unit of Jennie and Rosé…

… when questioned can recombine with Dua Lipa…

…or another famous US-UK star?

Netizens are also confused by Jennie’s super cute hair


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