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Did you see BLACKPINK appear in the Euro 2020 Spain – Italy semi-finals?

On the morning of July 7, fans of the world’s king sport were looking forward to the Euro 2020 semi-final between Italy and Spain. In addition to the tense moments on the field, the online community also realized an extremely interesting detail that was the appearance of… BLACKPINK.

Accordingly, if the Spanish team wears white clothes and the Italian team wears a blue shirt and black pants, the referee is the most prominent person when wearing a pink shirt and black pants. This black – pink version has made the Kpop fan community immediately think of the YG girls – BLACKPINK aka Black Pink in your area!

The appearance of the referee with black and pink clothes made fans think of BLACKPINK girls

The referee stands out in a pink shirt and black pants

BLACKPINK fans can’t help but notice this outstanding referee in the middle of the field

“BLACKPINK in your area” here!

The slogan BLACKPINK in your area – Black Pink in your area is so haunting

Before that, the Spain team played slightly better than Italy with 15 shots in 120 minutes (Italy had only 6). However, they could not finish the opponent and were forced to decide by penalty shootout. Here, they had to receive a defeat with a score of 2-4, thereby officially stopping in this year’s tournament. With this result, the Italian team is officially the first team to enter the Euro 2021 Final.

The well-deserved victory brought Italy into the Euro 2020 Final

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