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Hot and hot profile picture Jisoo (BLACKPINK) debuts as an actress: Make up is still pretty,

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has never disappointed fans with her top-notch visuals, worthy of being one of the most beautiful goddesses of Kpop 3rd generation.

After a long time of waiting, the movie Snowdrop by Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) and actor Jung Hae In is about to be aired next September. People everywhere are “standing still”, waiting for the performance of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister for the first lead role.

On today (July 8), YG Stage – YG Entertainment’s subsidiary company specializing in acting, released a series of new profile photos of Jisoo as an actress. In the profile photo, usually the actors will wear simple and light makeup, focusing on facial expressions and the same goes for Jisoo. Wearing only a white shirt and jeans, no makeup, but BLACKPINK’s eldest sister still makes people “swoon” because she is so beautiful, exuding a gentle, sweet beauty that is hard to resist. Looking at the close-up zoomed photo, the netizen was officially “visually shocked” because Jisoo’s face was so perfect, flawless and beautiful, even the most difficult person could not find a point to criticize.

In this series of new profile photos, the BLACKPINK beauty wears a simple white shirt and jeans but is still very attractive, because all eyes are on Jisoo’s amazing face.

Jisoo has the nickname “Miss Korea” because she owns a perfect beautiful face, is often praised by netizens as one of the most beautiful goddesses in Kpop 3rd generation.

Zooming in close to Jisoo’s face, people were even more stunned. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister’s skin is flawless, her V-line chin is slim, her nose is high and delicate, her lips are small, and her sparkling eyes are extremely “remembering”.

In Jisoo, she exudes a gentle, gentle and sweet aura, but she can also “balance” her personality, fierce and sexy style.

No need to put on sophisticated makeup, try to express herself, Jisoo just needs to wear simple and makeup is not enough to make even the most difficult person unable to criticize.


Jisoo is as beautiful as a muse in the behind-the-scenes clip. Just in the morning, people have been “washed their eyes” with the top beauty of the female idol born in 1995

The movie Snowdrop of Jisoo and Jang Hae In will be aired in September

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