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YG’s vocal trainer chooses the best vocalist in the idol world, does the BLACKPINK member “have a door”?

There are only 2 idols who have caught the eye of a famous female vocal teacher who used to work with YG Entertainment.

Vocal instructor Sol Lee (also known as Lee Dong Soo) has many years of working with famous entertainment companies, including YG Entertainment . Recently, she appeared with Gina Maeng – her former Kpop trainee and student and gave her expert opinion on the best vocalists in the idol industry.

There are only 2 idols “catching the eye” of Sol Lee. Notably, she once trained “chicken” YG, but no one from this company attended , including BLACKPINK members .

Sol Lee – a vocal trainer who used to work at YG chose 2 idols who are the best vocalists for her

Right after Gina asked Sol Lee to name her favorite vocals in the Gina Everywhere video series on YouTube, she revealed about the male idol chosen by this vocal instructor: “She (Sol Lee) is a big fan of the music. SHINee!” . That person is Taemin – SHINee’s youngest brother. Sol Lee said, “In my opinion, Taemin is the male idol with the best voice today” .

Taemin is the male idol with excellent vocals chosen by the vocal coach

According to the female vocal trainer, the first thing that made her attracted to Taemin was that he became more and more “artist”: “He completely transcends the boundaries of an idol” . Sol Lee explained that Taemin was originally just a dancer in SHINee and barely had any vocals . But now the handsome male born in 1993 is her first choice when it comes to Kpop vocalists.

Besides, Sol Lee emphasized how Taemin has improved himself over the years, especially from his solo debut with Danger to his latest comeback with the song Advice , which took place 7 years later. She commented, “He was already very good at that time, but it’s hard to believe that he didn’t need to sing because of his good looks . ” Between dance skills and visuals, Sol Lee thinks Taemin can be passed without having to sing well, but SHINee’s maknae still chooses to improve his skills


Taemin performing Danger at Music Bank on December 19, 2014


Taemin performed Advice at Music Core on May 22, 2021

In the end, the vocal instructor concluded, “He’s still singing well, and has improved even further. It seems like he’s really thinking about developing his tone . ”

As for the favorite female vocalist, a former vocal teacher of YG chose Yuju – a former GFRIEND member . Sol Lee explained how Yuju’s handling of the blur and female idol vocals in general made her the best female vocalist in the idol world. Not only “weighing” GFRIEND’s songs, Sol Lee thinks that the main vocalist even does well when singing non-group songs.

Yuju was chosen as the best female vocalist in the idol world

Sol Lee commented, “Actually, in my opinion, she suits her better when singing songs that are not in GFRIEND’s style” .


Yuju covers Naomi Scott’s “Speechless”

Sol Lee did not forget to mention that unfortunately, GFRIEND left Source Music – a subsidiary of HYBE Group (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) not long ago. However, according to this vocal instructor, the one-time BTS junior “has a lot to show as singers in the future” .

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