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Starbucks x BLACKPINK collection closes the release date of July 12: The price for early order from now on is 90 usd for 1 bottle already!

BLACKPINK fans are about to spend money again!

After many openings, the Starbucks x BLACKPINK collection has officially closed the launch date. As the information has been revealed before, this is a collection that will be launched exclusively in Thailand – Lisa’s hometown on July 12. According to the released image, Starbucks Thailand will launch quite a few products such as water bottles, cups, keychains and pretty handbags all with the signature pink-black tones of the YG group.

After knowing this information, BLACKPINK fans are extremely excited. Not only in Thailand, all fans around the world want to own the items in the collection. Although the 4 girls do not directly promote the products, their value is expected to increase rapidly because there are so many people looking for them.

Currently, the list prices of the products in the Starbucks x BLACKPINK collection have not been announced, but Vietnamese fans have already been waiting for the place to order. Accordingly, the stainless steel thermos bottle with 2 colors pink-black costs more than 90 usd / bottle, glass cup costs 40 usd / unit. The price may increase by each shop, each time you order, everyone. Considering the hotness of “Hac Huong”, it is likely that the items in this limited collection will be inflated by speculators.

Some actual images of this collection are “leaked” before the official launch date in Thailand

Some comments from Vietnamese fans about the BLACKPINK series from Starbucks:

– I look at the price that I’m depressed!

– I ordered it! Wait, wait, wait.

– Why is there no such collection in Vietnam? I’m sad.

– Look at the price of severe psychological trauma.

– It’s so beautiful, it costs money again.

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