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BLACKPINK and a series of popular groups but no Daesang, all because “higher mountains have higher mountains”?

Although extremely famous, BLACKPINK and many Kpop groups have not been able to touch the prestigious Daesang award.

In the field of music, Daesang is the name of the highest award in Korean awards ceremonies. Receiving this title is the burning dream of many artists, some even consider this the biggest goal of their career. But not all famous artists touch the prestigious Daesang award, and this surprised Korean netizens.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular groups but never received a Daesang

In Kpop Gen 1, SES is an unlucky name even though the launch pad is SM Entertainment. SES debuted in 1997, they were once considered “HOT female version” because of their popularity and ability to sell albums not inferior to their seniors. Before being broken the record by TWICE, SES was the girl group with the highest total album sales in Korea for 20 years. The 3 girls were also the owners of the title of Kpop girl group that won the most wins with their debut song on a music show (4 trophies, 22 years later they were surpassed by ITZY).

SES is one of the legendary girl groups of Kpop Gen 1, but they disbanded before reaching the daesang dream.

To Kpop Gen 2, there are 3 groups listed as Buzz, T-ara and SISTAR . Buzz debuted in 2003 and pursued the rock ballad genre. They received the award for Best Rock Performance at the 2005 and 2006 MAMA , at this time Buzz was extremely popular with the Korean public but not enough for the group to touch the prestigious Daesang title.

Buzz didn’t win a daesang even though he got a lot of big rock awards

SISTAR debuted in 2010 and was named “summer queen” because of exciting hits like Shake It , Touch My Body , Loving U , etc., which regularly invade music charts every summer. In their 7-year career, they own 2 PAK songs, won the title of Best Girl Group many times but still missed the Daesang award.

“Summer Queen” SISTAR also lost Daesang

T-ara is also one of the “big” girl groups of Gen 2. The group debuted in 2009 and quickly became famous through hits like Bo Peep Bo Peep , Roly Poly , Lovey-Dovey , etc. Girls are also considered as rivals of SNSD. Unfortunately, a series of achievements were not enough for T-ara to touch the Daesang award, the bullying scandal in 2012 also made the group turn away from the public.

Considered to be SNSD’s one-time rival, however, Daesang is not on T-ara’s award list

BLACKPINK is an unfortunate case in Gen 3, although the 4 girls are famous from Asia to Europe. They have 3 songs that won PAK, every comeback has achieved positive rankings on the chart. BLACKPINK is currently the girl group that owns the best-selling album in Kpop, is the Korean female artist with the highest ranking on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100. But like the above seniors, they have never received a Daesang in 5 years. glorious career year.

BLACKPINK is a worldwide hit girl group, but so far has not won a daesang in their career

It’s a pity that BLACKPINK and the above groups have a lot of popularity and achievements but still can’t receive the Daesang award. One of the reasons why they are empty-handed is because they encounter opponents stronger than themselves at the time of operation. For example, in the case of BLACKPINK, the girls “mastered” the female segment but still could not surpass BTS – the group that is considered the “record king”, sweeping global charts.

BTS has the top album sales in Kpop, the group’s recent hits like Dynamite , Butter all easily achieved the PAK title. They also conquered “deliciously” the first place on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts – something no Korean artist has ever done. Moreover, BTS works hard to release products every year and the achievement shows no sign of slowing down. That makes BLACKPINK’s path to conquering Daesang more difficult, but netizens still hope that the YG girl group can reap this sweet fruit one day.

Clash with strong opponents like BTS…

… is one of the reasons why BLACKPINK still misses their predestined relationship with Daesang

Knet commented:

-That’s because at the time when they’re active, there are groups with better achievements…

– BLACKPINK’s promotions often coincide with BTS so it’s not a big deal…

– BLACKPINK is still doing well, they’ll win a daesang in the future.

– SES was able to receive the Daesang at the time of their 4th album promotions, but unfortunately this did not happen. It’s a pity because the album quality and sales are so good…

– Because BLACKPINK doesn’t attend those award ceremonies.

– It was because there were better, more popular singers at that time.

– BLACKPINK doesn’t have a better digital record and album sales than BTS, so how should they win the Daesang? They could have won if they sold more than BTS, but no.

– I hope BLACKPINK can get the daesang one day, but T-ara shocked me??? This group has a lot of super hits.

– That day, I was shocked when I saw SNSD’s The Boys won the Daesang instead of T-ara.

– I thought BLACKPINK won the Daesang thanks to DDU-DU DDU-DU, but it turns out they haven’t received it yet.


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