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Look at the pink electric guitar that Rosé (BLACKPINK) was given, the price is so high!

Rosé posted a story showing off the pink electric guitar given to her by John Mayer after covering the song "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room".

Recently, on her personal Instagram account, “Australian rose” – Rosé posted a story to thank male singer John Mayer for sending her an electric guitar model. The guitar was donated by John Mayer because Rosé covered his song Slow Dancing In A Burning Room on The Sea Of Hope .

Rose’s cover video

Very quickly, the fans have peeled off the price of the pink version of the electric guitar (Rosé’s favorite color), this is a John Mayer co-branded product, its price is $ 2,549 (more than 58 million). With such a high price, Blinks are heartbroken when it is difficult to “cheap moment” with her.

This guitar model costs $ 2,549 (about more than 58 million dong).

An electric guitar is a type of guitar that uses a sensor and a sound transmitter to convert the vibrations of the strings into electrical impulses, which can then be transmitted, adjusting the frequency and amplifying the speakers. Using it will help you express your own personality and personality.

Photos shared by Rosé on Instagram

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