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YG Entertainment Confirms Debut of New Girl Group

YG Entertainemnt Set to Debuut New Rookie Girl Group
On Tuesday, May 18, YG Entertainment released a statement to South Korean news outlet Newsen that they are planning to launch a new female group under the company

Previously, South Korean news outlet OSEN reported that YG Entertainment was planning to debut a new girl group by the second half of 2021. This has caused a stir in the music scene, as YG Entertainment, who is famous for debuting groups after a certain period of time, has confidently revealed their plans to launch a new girl group.

The new girl group is expected to debut this year, 2021, as it follows YG Entertainment’s pattern for girl groups. 2NE1 debuted in 2009, and five years later in 2016, YG Entertainment debuted BLACKPINK. If they debut their new girl group this year, it will continue the pattern of debuting a girl group every five years.

YG Entertainment has not confirmed the debut date, however. They have also not revealed the line-up of the members nor the concept the girl group will have.

YG Entertainment’s first girl group, 2NE1, debuted in 2009. However, in Nov. 2016, the girl group suddenly disbanded, leaving fans bewildered. At the time, member Park Bom revealed that she, along with the other members of 2NE1, was looking forward to showing their fans their music and have been preparing and waiting for that day to come.

However, due to the group’s disbandment, they were never able to make a comeback. She tells fans that she remembers everything the group has endured together — all the happy moments, the fun times, and the tear-wrenching memories.


YG Entertainment’s most recent girl group debut was in 2016 with BLACKPINK, and they are arguably their most successful group to date. They were dubbed as “The Biggest Girl Group in the World” by Bloomberg and are often hailed as “K-Pop Queens.” They are one of the most influential artists in South Korea.

BLACKPINK is the second-most subscribed-to musical act on YouTube, while they are the most-followed girl group on Spotify. All of the BLACKPINK members are the most-followed individuals in South Korea. BLACKPINK’s influence goes beyond music and extends into fashion, with all the members representing designer brands.

Sandara Park Leaves YG Entertainment After 17 Years
This is not the first time YG Entertainment made headlines this month. On May 14, it was announced that after seventeen years with the company, Sandara Park would not be renewing her contract with YG Entertainment. The company states they will continue to support Sandara in all her endeavors and also help her prepare for her new path.

Sandara Park is the last member of 2NE1 to leave YG Entertainment. Currently, she is not signed to any label.

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