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Lisa (BLACKPINK) lifted billions of bangs 10 times causing storms 10: Going to the airport to become a beautiful pictorial

Every time Lisa (BLACKPINK) lifts her bangs, netizens get a stir

Surely none of BLACKPINK fans are unaware of the constant bangs of “Thai princess” Lisa . Strangely, no matter how hard the female idol runs, dances, or rolls around the stage, the flat roof is still “entrenched” unbelievably neat. The female idol once revealed on a program that she would never lift all her bangs without being paid 10 billion won (about more than 200 billion VND).

But recently, fans discovered that the youngest member of BLACKPINK often appeared with the image of half or even no bangs, is there any brand that has paid so much? Here are 10 times Lisa lifted her hair to show off her beautiful and sharp face standard “living doll”.Fans joked that Lisa’s immutable bangs are humanity’s biggest mystery when “beautiful” even the gravity of the Earth.

This is the moment marking the first time Lisa confidently lifted her hair in public after 4 years of debut. This event once caused a social network earthquake, causing netizens to constantly talk about it.Lisa used to shyly share very little when she lifted her roof because of “airport forehead”, but looking at this image, it can be seen that her appearance when revealing her forehead is not only “dumb” but also somewhat pretty and beautiful. more lovely

The appearance on the show Thanh Xuan With You 2 is certainly legendary. The youngest member of BLACKPINK shakes off the usual playful personality image, instead it is a sweet feminine image in a flowing white dress with a casually pulled up hairstyle.

Lisa once showed off her familiar short hairstyle and cut her bangs to one side, causing Blink to “frustrate”.

Lisa’s “deadly” sexy solo has caused an explosion on social media for a long time. Wearing a strapless dress showing off her eyes, smoky makeup, and delicate curly hair, the youngest member of BLACKPINK looks like a different person.

The fans must be screaming in their hearts when they see her gracefully showing her forehead

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