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It’s not without reason BLACKPINK, aespa, TWICE are wearing makeup like now, all for a reason

So the makeup taste of BLACKPINK, aespa or TWICE will suit your eyes best?

How to get the best of the best…

This saying applies to almost all cases and almost to many individuals. For example, the makeup of 3 girl group representatives from YG – JYP – SM. It’s not just that they have the current facial expression, everything contains stories that if you pay close attention you will find them really logical to each other.

YG – BLACKPINK: Style “international”, sometimes Korean, sometimes European and American

Among the current Kpop girl groups, BLACKPINK is still the group that suits the European and American tastes and has the best record in the international market. Referring to the 4 Hac Huong girls, people “auto jump” about personality, feminism, contemporary and bold American.

That’s why you see combos of smokey eyes – nude lips, bright lenses applied a lot by the BLACKPINK team in the girls’ makeup looks. Blush is also usually quite deep colors. Of course, in order to suit the Asian market in general or Korea in particular, there are times when BLACKPINK is painted in a bright way, but if you pay attention, that brightness is still a bit cool, not feeling. Where is the momentum cake?

JYP – TWICE: Typical of “cute”, sweet

TWICE’s image is different from BLACKPINK, they follow a cute and sweet direction, not personality and explosion. The way of makeup is also often brighter, more standard cake and also looks more transparent. The foundation should be a really glossy foundation, the eyeshadow should be a warm-toned eyeshadow, similar to lipstick or blush, all must be vibrant.

In addition, TWICE has bombarded very strongly in Japan/Korea – two markets that especially promote cuteness, “kawaii”. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why TWICE’s makeup looks are often painted in the above style. But these days, the 9 girls’ MUA often has a scary blushing of tomato cheeks…

SM – aespa: Unique style AI

It’s worth the effort to create 4 AIs that match the 4 aespa members, so of course, SM also has to let them get makeup according to this concept. Specifically, aespa’s makeup style will be a combo including a smooth matte foundation, no stretch + thick concealer + super light blush + sharp sharp eyelashes + bold eyeshadow and finally floating lipstick turn on.

These steps will help their visuals look more like computer-generated characters, exactly what the agency is aiming for.


It can be seen that each “big man” has a different way of painting domestic chickens, but in general, it is because they want them to develop in accordance with the proposed concept. The controversy about which group has the best makeup is also a hot topic of netizens. And you, what do you think?

– I think BLACKPINK is the best makeup, each member has their own taste, they look very sharp. TWICE is the cute, pure type. As for aespa, their faces are already the same, their makeup is similar too. If you don’t have a stan, it’s hard to tell apart, unless you have a note that’s the highlight, you can’t remember whose face.

– Still like SM’s makeup.

– I like SM’s make-up, notice that SM stylist’s eye makeup is super pretty. Even male idols, there was a picture of SM’s makeup for NCT in the past, the eyes are so pretty.

-JYP, please remove the rosy cheeks right away, the girls look so low on visuals.

– To be fair, SM’s makeup is still the best, not only aespa, Red Velvet’s makeup is also pretty.

– TWICE’s makeup doesn’t show everyone’s beauty, in general it’s getting more and more boring, I know the concept is right but that’s too old, fortunately the batch is beautiful and fresh

– BLACKPINK is my gout standard.


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