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YouTube channel of “big sister” Taylor Swift reaches 43 million subscribers but still has to be behind Ariana Grande and a Korean group?

Despite possessing an extremely high number of subscribers on YouTube, this number is still not enough for Taylor Swift to win the throne.

Referring to the most influential music worldwide, no one can not mention country singer Taylor Swift . During her 15 artistic activities, she devoted herself to music and audiences.

Recently, Taylor Swift’s YouTube page has officially reached 43 million subscribers. This is a remarkable milestone for the female singer. At the same time, Taylor Swift is also the 5th most viewed artist on YouTube of all time. As of 2021, Taylor Swift has owned more than 35 MVs with over 100 million views, and earned more than 21 billion views across all videos shown on YouTube.

Taylor Swift’s YouTube has officially reached 43 million subscribers


Owning 43 million subscribers, however, in the ranking of the top female artists with the most subscribers on YouTube, Taylor Swift is still behind two other popular names. In front of her is Ariana Grande (48.9 million subscribers) at No. 2, and BLACKPINK (63.2 million subscribers) at No. 1.

BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel

In the near future, Taylor Swift will release the new album Red , ie Red (Taylor’s Version) . The product is part of a series of 6 studio albums released in the past that were re-recorded by Taylor Swift to get rid of the old masters that are now in the hands of Scooter Braun. The album is expected to be released this coming November.

The new album is scheduled to be released in November

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