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The team that crossed the street “summarized” BLACKPINK dating a hot TikToker in the US, Rosé wore a red dress to show her “tight” body and beat Jennie’s body

Not only has the top voice, Rosé (BLACKPINK) also has a desirable body. But who would have thought that she could surpass Jennie.

Not long ago, Jennie and Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) caused a stir among netizens when they suddenly appeared in Los Angeles, USA to carry out a music project. 2 BLACKPINK beauties also constantly appear with famous artists and hot girl friends like Jaden Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Richie…

Especially on the morning of July 22, Jennie and Rosé caused an explosion in social networks with a series of photos of meeting hot TikToker Bella Poarch . Bella Poarch is currently a well-known name everywhere with the catchy hit Build AB**** . Most notably, although it is only a team photo taken from afar, it still makes the global netizens admire the beauty of the YG beauties. In particular, wearing a short red dress above the knee, “Australian rose” Rosé stands out even more than Kpop Jennie’s new “holy body” when fully showing off her white legs and enviable beautiful curves. In one frame, Rosé is like a graceful lady that makes many boys fall in love with a red dress

The series of photos in the US of 2 pieces of BLACKPINK and Bella Poarch went viral all over the social networks this morning

People couldn’t help but enjoy the image of Rosé chatting with hot TikToker/popular singer Bella Poarch. More interestingly, Bella also revealed that she is a fan of Kpop and especially BLACKPINK

However, all the attention was focused on Rosé’s beautiful legs and body curves. The female idol wears a red short skirt, showing off her enviable body

Although the body is quite slim, the BLACKPINK singer still retains a super small waist, straight and strong legs, looking from the back is enough to make people fall in love.

Jennie’s outfit and figure are also very popular, but Rosé stands out the most. Who would have thought that Rosé could beat even “holy body” Jennie

Many times make fans worry with the “stork” body, but it is undeniable that the body of “Australian rose” is very perfect, no matter what she wears, it is beautiful!

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