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When BLACKPINK collaborates with BTS: Turning a sad heartbreaking hit into a happy, life-loving melody, it sounds so much and so on!

The 2 songs of BLACKPINK and BTS don't sound right, but when they turn into one, they match!

Every time a Kpop idol releases new music, fans have more “resources” to “process” interesting mashups. Recently, the two latest songs of BTS and BLACKPINK thought they were unrelated but were mashup together, giving a very good result.

Specifically, one side is the sad love song of BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls , on the other hand is the vibrant song containing the positive energy of BTS’s life – Permission to Dance . And this is the result.

Mashup Permission to Dance (BTS) x Lovesick Girls (BLACKPINK)

Right from the beginning, BTS’ vocals in Permission to Dance were paired with Lovesick Girls ‘ background music with a fast, strong beat that was very catchy. The mashup deftly transitions between the vocals of BLACKPINK and BTS. Coming to the chorus, BLACKPINK’s sad song suddenly became very loving and funny.

When broken-hearted girls meet guys who defy all limits to be themselves, a song like this is created!

Listeners give a lot of compliments to the mashup between Lovesick Girls and Permission to Dance :

– I love this mashup! With Permission to Dance, I feel it’s better than the original. A real feeling of being enough, not lacking something, you understand?

– The transitions between the 2 songs are really smooth.

– A brand new Lovesick Girls that I can listen to over and over again every day.

– Never thought of this combination. But unbelievably good!

– This mashup is really smooth.

– The best mashup I’ve ever heard.

– BLACKPINK x BTS is awesome!

The mashup received a “rain of compliments” from netizens

This mashup is really “dangerous”. It’s both addictive and can make you forget the original.


MV Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK


MV Permission to Dance – BTS

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