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Top 10 Kpop female artist MVs with the most views on YouTube: BLACKPINK occupies all 8 positions but still has the best views in Southeast Asia!

In the list of 10 MVs of female Kpop artists with the most views, only this girl group "fights" against BLACKPINK.

YouTube – the world’s largest video platform – is currently one of the popular metrics to gauge the popularity of artists and the MVs they release. In the list of 10 MVs of female Kpop artists with the most views on YouTube up to now, only 3 names are present.

BLACKPINK is of course the leading name on this list and also occupies the most positions with 8 MVs. DDU-DU DDU-DU from the first MV to reach 1 billion views of a Kpop group has so far maintained its status as the most viewed MV of a Kpop group.



The next 3 positions also belong to the YG girl group with the rankings for Kill This Love , BOOMBAYAH and AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST, respectively . These are also 3 MVs that have surpassed 1 billion views of the group, making them the Kpop group with the most MVs reaching this milestone. Followed by How You Like That is also about to hit this level.



MV How You Like That – BLACKPINK

In 6th place is the MV SOLO of Jennie – the only female solo artist in this chart. With an impressive solo debut, her song quickly gained a high viewership and still increased views at a high daily rate. The next 3 positions belong to WHISTLE, PLAYING WITH FIRE and Ice Cream all of BLACKPINK.



The girl group “fighting” against BLACKPINK on the list above is none other than TWICE . The only product of the group to appear in the chart is TT released in October 2016. This is the group’s hit song and has achieved many impressive achievements in Korea right after its debut.



Top 10 most viewed female Kpop MVs on YouTube as of 24/7:

1. DDU-DU DDU-DU (June 2018) – BLACKPINK: 1,645 billion VND

2. Kill This Love (April 2019) – BLACKPINK: 1,352 billion VND

3. BOOMBAYAH ( August 2016) – BLACKPINK: 1,233 billion VND

4. AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (June 2017) – BLACKPINK: 1,046 billion VND

5. How You Like That (6/2021) – BLACKPINK: 924 million

6. SOLO (11/2020) – Jennie (BLACKPINK): 692 million VND

7. WHISTLE ( August 2016) – BLACKPINK: 682 million VND

8. PLAYING WITH FIRE (October 2016) – BLACKPINK: 670 million VND

9. Ice Cream (August 2020) – BLACKPINK (with Selena Gomez): 601 million

10. TT (October 2016) – TWICE: 592 million

Talking about this list, Korean netizens gave many compliments to BLACKPINK as surpassing the concept of a singer because of the overwhelming achievement of the other rival, TWICE. However, there is also a comment “cà khà” YG’s girl group that the famous group is the strongest in Southeast Asia, so it’s only America that advances by watching MVs.

– BLACKPINK is crazy. Haha.

– In this regard, BLACKPINK is too good. Although the chart includes both male and female idols, the MV DDU-DU DDU-DU is still at the top.

– How You Like That’s choreography video is already 770 million.

– This is just my personal opinion, but the more I see it, the more BLACKPINK has surpassed the concept of a singer. Is there any singer who is both successful in his field and each individual is also the representative muse of each brand.

– Of course, it has to be famous in densely populated Southeast Asia for the US to advance with MV views.

BLACKPINK occupies 8 out of 10 positions in the chart but is still “coffee” by a Korean netizen who is only famous in Southeast Asia


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