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Teen Wolf actor suddenly announced his engagement to Lisa (BLACKPINK), today’s hottest news or what?

Teen Wolf actor - Colton Haynes has made an unexpected move related to Lisa (BLACKPINK), causing international fans to stir around social networks.

Today (July 27), people were stunned when Teen Wolf actor – Colton Haynes surprised fans when he publicly posted his engagement to… Lisa (BLACKPINK). The actor posted a behind-the-scenes video of the youngest member of BLACKPINK on his Instagram story with the caption, “Lalisa Manoban and I are engaged…sorry to the online community”. What happend?

Popular actor Colton Haynes also couldn’t resist the charm of Lisa


The actor announced that he was engaged to Lisa, making people very surprised

After a few seconds of howling, fans laughed when they realized this was just a joke by Colton Haynes. Perhaps this cult handsome man is too obsessed with Lisa and wants to take her home. BLACKPINK is currently one of the most popular groups today. “Hac Huong” has not only received the attention of young people, but many famous stars around the world have also openly expressed their love for the YG group.

Colton Haynes was born in 1988, is a famous actor, singer, model, known for his roles in the films Teen Wolf and American Horror Story . In 2018, the famous male star once announced his marriage to a same-sex lover 17 years older than him. However, after 7 months the couple went their separate ways.

Fortunately, fans promptly realized this was just a joke of the male lead American Horror Story

The actor was married to a same-sex lover in 2018 and divorced after 7 months in the same house

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