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The hottest couple on the Korean show: Onew (SHINee) just did a delicate action with Rosé (BLACKPINK), the netizen “lost” their hearts!

Onew (SHINee) made the audience's heart flutter before the gallant gesture for Rosé (BLACKPINK).

Recently, vocal couple Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Onew (SHINee) on the show ” The Sea Of Hope” are attracting great attention from the public. Every moment of the representatives of the two big SM – YG became a topic of discussion and quickly exploded on social media. Most recently, an extremely delicate action of SHINee’s leader with BLACKPINK beauty caused a storm of the internet and made people extremely excited.

When the program members sat together to have a meal, netizens noticed Onew eating in a rather rigid and uncomfortable position. Even Rosé noticed it and asked the male idol about it. But it turned out to be Onew’s gallant act for Rosé. S After realizing “roses Australia,” left-handed, Onew change sitting position to help female idol easier dine. The leader of SHINee doesn’t want Rosé to feel awkward and uncomfortable if their elbows accidentally bump into each other while eating.

Netizens discovered Onew sitting and eating with a crouching posture, looking uncomfortable. After that, Rosé noticed and asked the senior

Turns out, when he realized that Rosé was left-handed, the male idol quickly changed his sitting position to avoid accidentally touching her elbow.

Thanks to Onew’s super gallant action, Rosé can dine comfortably. The male idol’s delicate gesture received a “rain” of compliments from Knet

Not only vocals, Onew and Rosé had many close moments that caused a storm on social media. Netizens all praise Onew for being sophisticated and caring for others

There isn’t much broadcast but Onew and Rosé’s interactions get a lot of attention from fans

The idol couple with sweet voices and bright, smiling images Rosé and Onew are making people stand still.

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