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Delighted with the best goddess visual combo: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) revealed her best friend, turned out to be a beautiful and popular idol

The close friend of goddess Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is also a beauty with a beautiful and radiant beauty just like her.

Friendship between Kpop beauties has always been a topic that makes fans excited. There is nothing more fun than seeing beautiful and famous goddesses hanging out, taking pictures, getting close together. Most recently, Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) caused a social media fever when she appeared in a short video on her best friend’s Instagram. It turns out that this close friend is not a stranger but female idol Bona ( WJSN ).

Jisoo’s fans have known for a long time that the eldest sister BLACKPINK and Bona have a very close friendship, often chatting, dating and sharing photos on Instagram despite their busy schedules. Seeing Jisoo and her beautiful best friend side by side, the fans were satisfied with the shining beauty of the two goddesses. The whole series of beautiful and extremely cute moments of Jisoo – Bona proved the close and close relationship between the two female idols and made fans exclaim, “It’s true that pretty girls often play together”


Bona recently posted an intimate video with Jisoo on MXH. The friendship between two beautiful goddesses makes fans admire

The two laughed comfortably together, constantly playing with all kinds of filters. Seeing a beautiful goddess is already happy enough, but here, fans are even more excited to admire the sweet and pure beauty of the best friends Jisoo – Bona.

The combination of beauty between Jisoo and Bona is the perfect addition

Jisoo and Bona were both born in 1995, have bright, cheerful personalities and are both called rabbits by fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that the two are close to each other, creating a beautiful friendship in showbiz.

The similarity of this pair of close friends is also excellent visuals, delicate actors standards. Jisoo is the visual of BLACKPINK, dubbed “Miss Korea ” and Bona is also the most beautiful famous beauty in WJSN. Both have entered the acting field, so it is easier to talk and share.

Bona and Jisoo’s best friends are both beautiful like princesses

This must be the best friend couple with the best beauty in Kpop today

Bona and Jisoo many times showed their sweet “dating” photos

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