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If she ever retires, Lisa should go back to Thailand to shop for slippers

In addition to the charm with art, Lisa also has a charm with slippers of the same model but different colors.

As a name that guarantees the attraction of many high-end fashion brands, at the present time, Lisa always appears with a standard shape, a “interface” as shiny as a mirror, and fashionable clothes.

But behind those inspirational moments of dressing well, she is often accompanied by flashy slippers that many people still consider sloppy. Not only that, she can buy 1 model with many different colors!

Most recently, Lisa brought a vague image of “Future Nostalgia” like Dua Lipa in a new photo shoot, but the nude sandals really took the spotlight of the frame.

Remember in the backstage of the Japanese lip balm commercial, Lisa made people laugh when she wore Adidas flip flops, in stark contrast to the sophisticated and stylish image in the upper body.

It seems that Lisa has a special affection for adidas sandals

It’s as if she bought a large number of adidas slippers to use gradually!

There have been many times when people “captured” Lisa with slippers wandering around

That’s why I said that if she leaves showbiz later, Lisa can go back to Thailand – the paradise of Thai sandals with billions of different types of slippers to shop for slippers. The shop owner is a superstar, there is no sluggish business!!!

Thailand is a paradise of slippers, Lisa opened her own slipper stall, which is more expensive than hot cakes!

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