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Jennie (BLACKPINK) shyly admitted to watching her own fancam, Knet nodded: If it were her, I would watch it every day!

Even Jennie can't get rid of her "fascination", so there's no need for us "low energy" fans to be shy! Plow strong view!

With so many legendary fancams on social media platforms, it’s okay for fans to watch them over and over again, but the curiosity about: Whether K-pop idols really watch their own fancams is not everyone’s guess. question.

On July 31, on the occasion of Jennie (BLACKPINK) engrossed in “talking” with fans, a fan quickly left a question for Jennie saying: “Jennie, have you ever watched your own fancam? I’m on YouTube yet? So Hot’s fancam is really popular . ”


Fancam So Hot at SBS Gayodaejun – Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Unexpectedly, Jennie hesitantly replied, “I… I’ve seen it”. Needless to say, just this one admission that Jennie created a topic for Knet to discuss right away.

Jennie admits to watching her own fancam

The legendary fancam that fans mentioned is the fancam recording the So Hot cover of Wonder Girls from the 4 BLACKPINK girls on the 2017 SBS Gayodaejun music show . This fancam of Jennie as of August 1, 2021 has surpassed 5 million views. BLACKPINK’s ” So Hot” performance also reached an impressive 23 million views.

At that time, the performance created a huge fever that helped BLACKPINK go viral everywhere, receiving countless compliments for the excellent cover, bringing a whole new color to the song that was already a “Kpop legend”. this. And that day, Jennie became the focus with the charm of a “dinosaur rookie” when she was both innocent, sexy, rapping, and her fashion style was so cool. It was also before and after this explosive performance that Jennie was so suitable for Chanel’s outfit that she was favored by Knet as “Human Chanel”.


Cover of So Hot (Wonder Girls) performed by BLACKPINK at SBS Gayodaejun

It was Jennie’s cute admission that made Knet panic because of the … self-love of the BLACKPINK center girls . Sure enough, idols are just like us guys, if you do well, you can watch it over and over and praise yourself:

– So Hot fancam is a legendary fancam!

– Maybe you haven’t seen this fancam, but believe me, if you “miss” it, you can only watch it again and again. Always very cool.

– Jennie’s selfie was really good that day too.

– Why have people not seen this fancam? If I were Jennie, I would watch it every day.

– Jennie has a classy face and lovely personality, which makes her attractive like a cat.

-This must be a legendary fancam.

Many people have to admit that this is Jennie’s legendary fancam

Surely Jennie herself can’t escape her “fascination”

She shows off her charms and at times charms…

Netizen also praised Jennie’s selfie that day

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