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Who would have thought that Rosé’s star-like sister (BLACKPINK) looks more like goddess Jisoo than her biological sister, at first glance, she thought she was a twin

Anyone who doesn't know thinks that Rosé's (BLACKPINK) sister is Jisoo's older sister.

The BLACKPINK members are fortunate to inherit the family’s excellent genes, so they all possess outstanding looks and outstanding temperaments. Rosé and Jisoo both have sisters who are as beautiful and talented as their famous sisters. Recently, fans have discovered an extremely interesting detail between Rosé’s sister Alice Park and the goddess Jisoo. I thought the two had nothing in common, but when looking at the photos of Alice and Jisoo, everyone will realize the unexpected similarities between the two girls.

Rosé’s sister Alice turns out to have a similar appearance to Jisoo, more like Jisoo than her real sister. Alice has beautiful, gentle facial features, elegant and sweet aura very similar to BLACKPINK’s eldest sister. Looking at the overall beauty of Alice, many people will think of Jisoo. When smiling, Alice and Jisoo’s eyes have an almost identical shape, like “the same mold”. Although Alice of course has similar features to Rosé, it is clear that if she introduces Alice as Jisoo’s sister, there will definitely be “false news” fans.

Sister Rosé and…

… the goddess Jisoo is surprisingly similar

When smiling, both of them look exactly like each other, especially the eyes and corners of the mouth

Alice’s overall face reminds many people of Jisoo

Both Alice and Jisoo have gentle and elegant beauty. The angle of the two girls also has many similarities

Rosé’s sister is a very famous character in the BLACKPINK fan community. The older sister of “Australian rose” named Alice Park, born in 1993, made a strong impression thanks to her outstanding beauty and high education level.

While Rosé pursued a career as an idol in the land of kimchi, Alice followed the family business to become a lawyer. Although not a celebrity, Rosé’s sister also has a huge number of followers, up to more than 865,000 people on Instagram.

Alice Park graduated from Australian National University in 2017

Rosé’s sister has a beautiful, gentle beauty that shines even in everyday photos

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