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BLACKPINK had a problem on the first day of joining the new platform, fans of the groups argued fiercely because they had to receive strange notifications?

Those who are not BLACKPINK fans and do not follow BLACKPINK receive detailed notifications about the activities of the 4 girls. This has caused fierce controversy on social networks.

On July 14, YG announced the next part in the 4+1 PROJECT project to celebrate the 5th anniversary of BLACKPINK’s debut. Contrary to many people’s predictions that the 4 girls will release new music or collaborate with foreign artists, the surprise that the group gives fans is to join the Weverse MXH platform. And today is the first day BLACKPINK members are on this platform.

However, on the first day of their debut with Weverse, BLACKPINK encountered a problem that made fans of the group “dissatisfied”.

Specifically, many Korean and international fans complained about this application sending notices about the commenting and posting activities of BLACKPINK members to other fandom users, who did not follow BLACKPINK on the platform. this. This has led to the undue discomfort of other group’s fans. This is something that has rarely happened on a platform dedicated to idols and fans like this, because it is an extremely sensitive thing among fandoms. Especially the incident happened on the same day BLACKPINK joined Weverse.

A lot of notifications are sent to users who don’t follow BLACKPINK, which makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

The fact that BLACKPINK joined this platform also immediately climbed to the Top 1 Trending Twitter in Korea, but below are the words of war that mostly appeared from BTS’s fandom and Blinks. Soon after, Weverse also had to speak up about the above incident to fans of the groups. Weverse representatives said they encountered a system error, leading to the incident.

Apologies from Weverse

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